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About Us

Mirror Trade has been manufacturing and selling mirrors both in bulk and at retail for 21 years. All this time we use only quality materials and components from European manufacturers. Mirrors made by "Mirror Trade" is the fulfillment of all your wishes. Our products are suitable for different purposes: sliding door wardrobes, bathrooms, bedrooms, installations in racks and cabinets in shops and offices. We fulfill any orders for the supply and installation of various types of them.


Mirror products themselves have the function of decorating a room, and we provide all sorts of ways to emphasize this purpose. Making a mirror using modern surface treatment technologies turns seemingly everyday material into a work of art. We use the following technologies:

  • with artistic applique - these mirrors will be decoration of the home interior and also perfect for use in the halls and rooms of hotels, offices and shops. To maintain the overall style of the premises, companies and organizations often purchase them in large quantities. Here you can buy products with any applique pattern, from classic to avant-garde.
  • frosting - is also made according to your wishes. With the help of this technology, the product acquires a "natural" pattern or a simple pattern. Frosting is especially popular when decorating sliding door wardrobes. The mirror can be depolished on the front or back side, and removing the mirror layer makes the drawings multicolored.
  • bevel edging will emphasize your chosen form. Such original "edging" will decorate a mirror of any form and configuration.


We can make products for you not only in non-standard shapes, but also double or single. Double involves placing the mirror itself on a backing, which can be frosted, clear or have some shade (graphite, bronze, green, blue). Even a simple form of double will look rich and presentable. If you choose a single one, it will not take up much space and will easily fit into any interior. Small, concise form with minimal technological processing and inexpensive accessories, we offer you to choose from our economy (budget) series.

Even acquiring such a small piece of furniture, you have to approach the purchase comprehensively. For example, if you want to buy a bathroom mirror or a mirror for a dark hall, you will most likely need additional lighting near it. We can equip it with a luminaire using high-quality components made in Poland and Spain.

The mirror with LED lighting looks stylish and modern. This slim light design has low power consumption. Particularly interesting is the combination of LED lighting with a frosted effect, creating soft lighting.


There are many more ways to mount, place and decorate mirrors in your interior. So, for practicality, we recommend products with shelves made of durable laminated glass attached to them. We can place the mirror in a frame of your choice of texture and color. Framed models are preferred by lovers of classic styles, although our selection of frames will also satisfy lovers of modern high-tech.

Inexpensive, environmentally friendly, heat and moisture resistant will be the base of your mirror product, if you prefer the MDF base. We recommend this material also because of its high strength and resistance to fungi and microorganisms, which is important when placed in a bathroom or kitchen."Mirror Trade" is the manufacturing and sale of mirrors wholesale and by individual order, with a variety of components and without them, with an exquisite pattern or laconic forms, as well as with an affordable pricing policy.