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Luminaires and accessories for mirrors

Luminaires and accessories for mirrors

Lighting is not the most noticeable, but an important and necessary element of the interior. Backlight echoes the design, emphasizes the advantages or highlights the shortcomings. Well-chosen luminaries for mirrors give the interior completeness; create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.

Accurately selected and correctly installed lamp for the mirror not only creates artificial lighting, but directly affects the mood and emotions of people. In addition, it allows you to put a makeup, comb your hair, shave, and clean yourself up. Therefore a lot of attention needs to be given, to the choice, calculation and the installation of lamps and wall sconces.


Lamp mounted on the mirror helps to illuminate the area of the sink and carry out cosmetic procedures. When installing lamps, the height and room size is taken into account.

The advice of our experts will help to choose lighting electrical appliance:

  • Light, shiny, glossy objects reflect light, dark, frosted - absorb it. It is better to install powerful appliances in a room with dark furniture, tiles, laminate.
  • Cold light will emphasize the disadvantages in appearance, distort colors, halogen will turn face in a frightening mask, yellow - will create extra glare on the skin. Perfect luminous spectrum for make-up is neutral white, close to daylight.
  • Uniform illumination can be achieved by placing lamps for illuminating mirrors around the perimeter.
  • Frosted lamps gently scatter rays, make reflection without shadows, and glare.
  • Regulator of power will allow you to change the intensity of the working lighting.
  • Open light sources are suitable for large rooms, built-in - for small ones.

Accessories to the mirror also play a big role. Fastening must securely hold additional shelves and the whole construction on the wall. Electrical wires must be well insulated. Frame color, metal parts must harmonize with finishing, chandeliers, plumbing, handles of cases, doors.

Company "Mirror trade" produces single, double, decorative mirrors with and without LED illumination. Lamp purchased from us looks aesthetically attractive on the mirror, last a long time, do not crack when exposed to water. It is convenient to view the range, choose the right model and get acquainted with new products on our website.

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