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Glass tables from the manufacturer

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Glass tables from the manufacturer


Glass tables have ceased to be exotic or inaccessible luxury. New production technologies, a variety of design ideas make from a utilitarian article a stylish, visually weightless thing

Though glass is associated with fragility, tempered glass with a thickness of 6-12 mm is used for countertops material. After cutting, the edge is ground using flexible abrasive belts to the state of "velvety" roughness. Processed in this way clear material is safe for adults and small children.

If you are looking for a glass table, you can buy now any model to your taste. After all, the number of options is amazing:

  • Tabletops: square, rectangular, round, oval, curly, combined.
  • Designs: monolithic, folding, sliding.
  • Surface types: absolutely clear, frosted, tinted, MDF-based.
  • Ways of decoration: sandblasting drawings, appliqués.

A glass kitchen or coffee table has a number of operational advantages:

  • Stable to temperature differences;
  • Immune to humidity, steam;
  • persistent to dirt, abrasive, coloring liquids;
  • Durable;
  • Sustainable
  • Steady;
  • Comfortable and undemanding

Clear structures do not clutter up even a small space, they add weightlessness, lightness to the room,. The unique look of the glass table will underline the classic, modern, Provencal interior. Round, square or rectangular will add a bright accent to the kitchen or the dining room. Elegant coffee glass table fits to ceremonial apartments, libraries, offices.


Order a glass tables, wholesale or retail, the smartest way is to buy directly from the manufacturer. Our factory has a full cycle production:

  • select mirrors without defects, bubbles, irregularities;
  • cut countertops without scratches and chips;
  • perfect processing of the edge;
  • perform quality assembly, securely connect joints with sealants;
  • tinting, we depolish the surface, apply a sandblasting pattern, appliqué.

Our managers do everything in order to help our customers find an elegant compromise between novelty and quality. You can choose ready-made models or buy glass table of individual design. We also offer other glass furniture. In particular, you can order a compact bathroom cabinet or durable TV stand from us.