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Glass and mirror furniture

Glass furniture will become an elegant decoration of the interior, adding visibility and airiness to it. Manufacturing of glass furniture from Mirror Trade is a guarantee of obtaining an environmentally friendly material that is equally suitable for the kitchen, bathroom and children’s room. Modern technologies allow us to make it super-firm - we use only tempered or laminated glass.


Most often we order glass furniture for the following purposes:

  • bathroom cabinets, shelves. We recommend choosing mirror cabinets that will help you save on mirror installation, and shelves with a thickness 6-10 mm. To increase their durability, we can additionally temper the glass (perform thermal toughening);
  • furniture for the living room and kitchen. We will make comfortable glass tables for any room,
  • TV stands, coffee tables as well as any types of shelves and racks
  • office furniture according to your order. We produce glass accessories, showcases, shelves and racks for office space, using clear, tinted or frosted glass to choose from.

Production of glass furniture by Mirror Trade is done using Italian equipment. In particular, we use the Bavelloni TM-25 edging machine, which helps us to produce high-quality polishing of glass edges with a thickness of 3 to 30 mm, beveling from 3 to 45 and make the bevel width from 35 to 60 mm. This equipment allows us to perfectly process the glass edge, which is the most important technological process in our manufacturing.

  • The first stage of processing - grinding - prevents cracks. This will determine the stability of the product and your safety when using it.
  • Stage II - polishing - prevents the formation of chips, further strengthening the material. High-quality polishing is especially important for the manufacturing of products where the edge is visible, such as shelves.


In the manufacturing of glass furniture, we use the following technologies:

  • beveling - this is cutting the glass edge at an angle, so that the surface looks framed in a shiny frame;
  • sandblasting - applying frosted image or highlighting frosted elements (ornament) on a mirror surface, or completely depolishing it;
  • photo printing and a wide selection of plastic or aluminum frames and holders - these are the necessary details to give the product an individual style.