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Bathroom glass shelves

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Bathroom glass shelves

Products for care, hygiene items, and the necessary little things have the property to multiply exponentially. Stylish and reliable glass shelves in the bathroom will save a small room from chaos.

The main thing about the shelf in the bathroom is its moisture resistance. Under the exposure to steam and water splashes, the metal quickly rusts, the wood swells and delaminates, the plastic becomes cloudy, covered with lime taint, and it looks unpresentable. Therefore, the best material is durable glass.

Suspended bathroom corner shelf is an ideal solution from an ergonomic point of view. Bilateral mounts evenly distribute the weight, make the structure stable. Rounded shape, finely ground edge ensure safety, stopper securely fixes small round jars and tubes. This shape and design allows rational use of a modest-sized room. It can be installed separately or placed next to a mirror or wardrobe in the bathroom.

Shelves for bathrooms are made of durable glass. But however, it should not be thick; otherwise the product will be too heavy and cumbersome. Clear or frosted? It's up to you to decision. Clear products look more weightless. But the frosted surface is easy to clean; it does not leave traces of water droplets.


It is convenient to buy a glass shelf for the bathroom with our company's online store. We also offer to buy a mirror in the bathroom. The site contains a variety of goods categories; original photographs are posted, allowing seeing the smallest details. Rigid shipping boxes protect fragile goods.

Did you find a bathroom shelf with the right parameters? Let's make according to your sketch. Managers will tell about delivery, warranty and return conditions.