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Framed mirrors

Mirror in an aluminum frame Aluminum gold
Mirror in an aluminum frame Aluminum green leaf
Mirror in an aluminum frame Aluminum silver
Mirror in a plastic frame Classic
1265.00 uah
Mirror in a plastic frame Lyceum
1332.00 uah
Mirror in a plastic frame Renaissance Gold
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Framed mirrors


Framed mirrors, like Chanel's black dress, help to achieve sophistication with simple forms. They simultaneously decorate the room, harmonize space, support the chosen style, set the character of the interior. Competently selected frame can highlight the mirror against the general background and make it a bright, expressive decor item.

Mirrors in frames support modern interior trends. To make the right choice before buying you should decide on the style of the house:

  • Mirror in a frame of a neutral, passive tone will support the fashionable loft design.
  • With rich decorative elements, the frame will become the central element of the ethnic style.
  • Classicism does not tolerate excesses, congestion, so the chosen frame must be strict, devoid of pretentious details.
  • A mirror in a wooden frame of olive, brown, gray or, white colour will fit an eco-interior.
  • A frame stylized as a natural tree will help to emotionally color Scandinavian design, bring creativity to the design process.
  • Fancy monograms, a complex ornament will become a highlight of the colonial, Romanesque, ancient Roman decor.

Mirror in frame emphasizes the beauty of the room, binds different elements together. For instance, they decorate paintings, doorways, windows, baseboards, mirrors in the hallway or living room with the same frames. By imposing several types of planks, the structure seems to rise above the floor, an effect of reflection depth is achieved. The presence of a bevel edge, additional pattern, appliqué, matte pattern turns the usual object in the category of an art object.


Frames on mirrors often have a utilitarian function:

  • To the mirror of a large area they serve as an additional frame, give rigidity, structural stability.
  • Protect the product from excess moisture, ingress of dust.
  • Hide possible edge roughness after cutting.

You can order a framed mirror with the online store of the company Mirror Trade. Technology of production, measurements, fasteners in manufacturing is perfected to the smallest detail, prices for products remain affordable, the range is replenished regularly. The selection of materials for frames is wide enough. But we also work with light, affordable, ecological materials: aluminum and plastic.