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MDF-based mirrors

MDF-based mirrors

They use mechanical fasteners (staples, clamps and stipes), double-sided mounting tape and special glue for frameless web installations. But the mount of the mirror, especially a large one, is fraught with difficulties. The finished mirror on MDF base will significantly simplify the installation problem.


Before, buying a mirror on MDF, it worth understanding the composition of the base material.

MDF- is a plate that is produced by pressing finely dispersed chips. Exposed to high temperature and pressure, the smallest wood particles emit a natural adhesive that turns individual fragments into a monolith. Chemicals harmful to adults, small children, pets and the environment are not used in production. You can always be sure of that when you place an order with us.

Thanks to environmentally friendly base material MDF, mirror gains a number of advantages:

  • Immunity to microorganisms, fungal infections, bugs.
  • Persistence to changes in temperature, humidity.
  • Great thermal insulation and soundproofing.
  • Strength, capable of withstanding a heavy mirror of a large area.
  • Opportunity to cut out the base for a mirror of a complex configuration with high accuracy.
  • Low cost.
  • Security, comparable to natural wood.

Also, an inexpensive and durable frame is made from this raw material.

If you are interested in a mirror with MDF base, you can buy it on the website of the Mirror Trade online store. To connect mirrors and MDF bases, we use reliable adhesive on the entire surface at our factory Additional painting and lamination give the product a distinctive appearance. So you just have to choose the right model, contact us by phone or fill out the order form.

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